Welcome Our 2019-2020 Fellows Class! 


Marketplace Fellows

Trinity Fellows 2020_Jack Boyce.jpg

Jack Boyce 

Armonk, NY

Washington & Lee University : Accounting and Business Administration; Film & Visual Culture minor

Host Family: Rick & Shannon Hall

Job Host: Anchor Health Properties

Mentor: Waugh Crigler

At Washington & Lee University, Jack’s liberal arts education simultaneously inspired an analytical, business mindset and a love of the arts. At W&L, Jack was a member of the varsity baseball team, hosted three radio shows on WLUR 91.5, and volunteered on the leadership team of RUF. Jack loves to be in nature, write poetry, travel, and experience other cultures. He has spent time in Europe and South America, counting the steps to the top of the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame, the Leaning Tower of Pisa, and the highest point of Macchu Picchu (Huayna Picchu). Throughout this year, Jack hopes to use both his analytical skills and his creative abilities to make thoughtful contributions at Anchor Health Properties and to further discern his future career 

Trinity Fellows 2020_Daniel Bunn.jpg

Daniel Bunn

Williamsburg, VA

James Madison University: Business Management, concentration in Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Host Family: Leonid & Vera Volodin

Job Host: Clayborne Education

Mentor: Bill Seibert

While at JMU Daniel helped to lead an academic initiative involving Integrated Functions Systems and served as a leader and mentor with Intervarsity. In these roles he helped to foster a deeper sense of community on campus. Daniel has worked in residential real estate since his late teens, which has helped him hone his entrepreneurial skills. He has a passion for mentoring youth and loves planning youth events. Small business management will likely always be part of his story; he also seeks a career in community development and work to improve the quality of life of underprivileged kids. He serves as Community Investment Director at Clayborne Education where he will be able to impact the lives of underprivileged youth in the city of Charlottesville and Albemarle County. 

Trinity Fellows 2020_Meg Evett.jpg

Meg Evett

Roanoke, VA

University of Virginia, Batten School of Leadership and Public Policy: Public Policy; Spanish minor

Host Family: Stu & Sharon Scott

Job Host: UVA Data Science Institute

Mentor: Sarah Hutchinson

Through her coursework at the Batten School of Leadership and Public Policy, Meg developed a passion for humanitarian aid, community development, and civic service. She furthered these interests as a research assistant for the Director of Global Humanitarian Policy at UVa, where she synthesized data and information for a leadership and education initiative in Myanmar. During her internship in Washington DC, she worked for the Diplomatic Courier, a global affairs media network focused on international affairs and diplomacy, where she honed skills in communications and research. While living and studying in Valencia, Spain, Meg strengthened her proficiency in Spanish, a language she hopes to use throughout her career. Her college research on the use of data in humanitarian aid fueled her excitement for data science. 

Trinity Fellows 2020_Sisi Fan.jpg

Sisi Fan

Shanghai, China

University of Virginia, Batten School of Leadership and Public Policy: Master’s of Public Policy

Host Family: Ken & Terry Elzinga

Job Host: Resilience Education

Mentor: Sarah Sawyer

Sisi was raised in Shanghai and came to the U.S. for her Master’s of Public Policy. Her graduate fellowship with the UVA Pay for Success Lab focused on assisting government localities with finding innovative financing solutions to address environmental issues. In this effort, she also helped to connect local governments with resources and partnering organizations. As a part of her graduate program she interned as a Corporate Social Responsibility consultant in San Francisco where she helped Fortune 50 corporate clients manage their employee volunteer programs. Her graduate thesis project involved helping an NGO to promote and facilitate corporate pro-bono programs for Chinese companies. Sisi also worked with the global auditing firm Ernst & Young where she helped to market services to companies in China. Sisi worked with NPI, a non-profit organization in China that helps to cultivate grassroots social organizations.

Trinity Fellows 2020_Emma Fowler.jpg

Emma Fowler

Clemson, SC

Clemson University: Tourism Management and Hospitality; Communication Studies and Business Administration minors

Host Family: Stan & Kim Tolman

Job Host: University of Virginia Batten School of Leadership and Public Policy

Mentor: KC Verbrugge

While at Clemson, Emma discovered a passion for people through a multitude of opportunities. From marketing and sales to social media communications and event planning, Emma has gained experience in a variety of industries. She worked for the tourism agency that brings visitors to the South Carolina Upcountry and was the content director for a popular lifestyle blogger. Emma served on the Undergraduate Student Government, was a University Tour Guide, worked for the Clemson football team in the recruiting department, and assisted with the local leadership of YoungLife. Through these experiences Emma has discovered that she loves to serve others and has a passion for helping to lead and manage diverse sets of teams and initiatives.

Trinity Fellows 2020_Andrew Harvey.jpg

Andrew Harvey

Apex, NC

University of North Carolina: Biology; Neuroscience minor

Host Family: Bobby & Dawn Jenkins

Job Host: Epiceutical Labs

Mentor: Graham Scharf

While at UNC, Andrew furthered his passion for the biological sciences and education in his role as a supplemental instructor in undergraduate genetics and cellular biology courses. He gained experience in analytical instrumentation and data analysis as a research assistant in UNC’s Cognition & Addiction Behavioral Neuroscience lab. Andrew conducted two semester-long research projects studying the effects of adolescent alcohol exposure on learning and the role of genetics in drinking behavior. While at UNC Andrew volunteered on the leadership team for RUF, where he helped to foster a deeper sense of community and served as a peer mentor. He spent a summer in the Dominican Republic as a manager of a baseball league for 9- to 14-year-olds and two summers at Camp Willow Run as a watersports instructor. He plans to pursue graduate studies in biomedical sciences.

Trinity Fellows 2020_Sandra Kitembo.jpg

Sandra Kitembo

Boston, MA

University of Massachusetts–Dartmouth: Psychology, Political Science, concentration in International Relations

Host Family: Rives & Carey Bailey

Job Host: Resilience Education

Mentor: Mary Brissett

A native speaker of both French and Swahili, Sandra was born in Kigali, Rwanda, and moved to Boston as a child. She became interested in global economic development while serving in a humanitarian capacity in southern Africa. She further honed that interest while doing community development work in low income urban city centers in the U.S., where she experienced the plight of the marginalized and became an advocate for policies that advance human rights and economic justice. Sandra’s undergraduate thesis focused on the socio-economic disparities across Africa, particularly in the context of how new foreign economic and political interests have destabilized many countries in this part of the world. She also presented research on the emergence and prevalence of sex trafficking and its impact on women’s socio-economic and psychological health. Sandra aspires to a career where she will work to promote economic development through the reinforcement of entrepreneurial, innovation, and management skills to help vulnerable populations.

Trinity Fellows 2020_Samuel Melchers.jpg

Samuel Melchers

Lexington, SC

Clemson University: Economics; Packaging Science minor

Host Family: Mark & Laurie Mandichak

Job Host: Store Your Board

Mentor: Ted Nelson

Samuel has a background in economics and packaging sciences, and while at Clemson he had the opportunity to conduct research for a renowned economics professor. In this research role, he worked to verify financial data calculations and auditing of an official expert report in a large-scale corporate litigation case against a Fortune 50 aircraft manufacturer. His love for efficiency, passion for communication, and penchant for using his technical skills allowed him the opportunity to head up a packaging design project, for which he was recognized for saving his employer hundreds of thousands of dollars in shipping costs. Through his experiences as a teacher, tutor, and college mentor, Samuel invests his time in the growth and development of children and young adults. In his spare time, he loves rock climbing and has a passion for competing in just about any sport.

Trinity Fellows 2020_Gabriella Miggins.jpg

Gabriella Miggins

Houston, TX

Washington & Lee University: History; Poverty and Human Capability Studies minor

Host Family: Craig & Lisa Wood

Job Host: UVA Institute of Law, Psychiatry & Public Policy

Mentor: Amy Sherman

While at Washington & Lee, Gabriella cultivated a passion for mental health and served as a peer counselor for first-year students, which strengthened her desire to pursue a career in a clinical mental health setting. Gabriella served as student body secretary on W&L’s Executive Committee, synthesizing crucial organizational information and adjudicating W&L’s single-sanction Honor System. Through an internship at the Cleveland Clinic and involvement in the Shepherd Poverty Program, she developed an intersectional view of the causes and consequences of poverty and gained a passion for justice that she will carry into her medical career. Gabriella’s Poverty Studies capstone focused on the relationship between addiction and incarceration in the United States. Upon completing the Fellows Program, she plans to pursue a career as a psychiatrist, focusing on the intersection of poverty and mental health.

Trinity Fellows 2020_Helen Mistler.jpg

Helen Mistler

Nashville, TN

Furman University: History; Medicine, Health & Culture minor

Host Family: Chris & Michele Ball

Job Host: Dr. Joseph Hart, UVA Exercise and Sport Injury Lab

Mentor: Amber Inofuentes

At Furman, Helen majored in history while completing a pre-med track, and her studies allowed her to better understand the human condition, from both cultural and clinical perspectives. In college, Helen cultivated a desire to serve others through her involvement with the Make-a-Wish Foundation, Greenville Health System, and local youth mentoring organizations. Each week of her college career, Helen mentored a group of high school girls and built lasting relationships within this community. While at Furman, she also served on the leadership of RUF. She spent her college summers conducting research at Vanderbilt Medical Center in the Department of Trauma and Critical Care and working as a counselor at Camp Merrimac in Black Mountain, NC. Helen spent a semester living, working, and studying in Edinburgh, Scotland, where she interned with the U.K.’s National Health System. She plans to go on to medical school and practice compassionate, patient-centric medical care. 

Trinity Fellows 2020_Mary Silliman.jpg

Mary Silliman

Orlando, FL

Washington & Lee University: Economics

Host Family: Frank & Nancy Berry

Job Host: Turner Enterprises

Mentor: Georgia Brinkman

Upon graduating from Washington & Lee, Mary moved to Washington DC to work with Ernst & Young (EY). Through her experiences at EY, Mary learned and mastered technical material, led client walk-throughs, and documented management processes surrounding IT controls. In addition to her client work, Mary was involved with human resource management efforts to onboard and train new team members. She was also awarded the EY Culture Coin for living out the firm’s mission of “building a better working world” and was featured in an EY publication with the theme of being a “woman that inspires.” As a group leader and events director at Camp Greystone, a dynamic summer camp for girls in the mountains of North Carolina, Mary balanced her responsibilities as a manager for 300 campers and counselors. Mary loves being outdoors and hosting events and meals that bring friends and people together. 

Trinity Fellows 2020_Hack Smith.jpg

Hack Smith

Corinth, MS

University of Mississippi: Managerial Finance, Risk Management, and Insurance

Host Family: Eric & Rosy Heinsohn

Job Host: UVA Darden School of Business, Mayo Center for Asset Management

Mentor: Kase Luzar

In his hometown of Corinth, Mississippi, Hack developed a passion for local community involvement, earned Eagle Scout rank, and mentored local youth. Building on these experiences, Hack spent time in Cape Town, South Africa, where he volunteered as a tutor, coach, and mentor for Ubuntu Football Academy, a non-profit soccer organization. He is passionate about using sports as a platform for mentorship and education. While working for BlueCross BlueShield in Nashville, Hack developed sales experience in the healthcare industry. He was also involved with Ole Miss Ambassadors, Sigma Chi fraternity, and the leadership of RUF. Hack hopes to pursue a career in business and to make a difference in the lives of others through his work and community involvement. 

Trinity Fellows 2020_Jaden Taylor.jpg

Jaden Taylor

Bowie, MD

Gordon College: Religion & Culture, concentration in Youth Mentorship & Development

Host Family: Mark & Jorie DeBoer

Job Host: Reformed Youth Ministries

Mentor: DJ Carter

Jaden is a media and design professional who uses photography and video to help people and organizations tell their stories. His love for the natural world led him to intern at both the Patuxent Wildlife Reserve and a veterinary emergency clinic in Maryland. Jaden loves to experience foreign cultures and has spent time in the Caribbean, Central America, and southern Africa. He also loves languages and is proficient in Spanish. Through his experiences tutoring elementary students with UrbanPromise and College Bound’s Education and Enrichment Program, Jaden deepened his commitment to working with youth and to a career in youth development. He loves to teach and has worked as a teacher’s assistant and served in several educational settings. Jaden once served as a speaker for a national African American conference focused on global outreach and youth development. He loves performing in musicals and in “spoken word” events. 

Trinity Fellows 2020_Sadie Van Vranken.jpg

Sadie Van Vranken

Denver, CO

Princeton University: African American Studies

Host Family: Ken & Jen Bilchick

Job Host: Causeway Strategies (NYC)

Mentor: Jackie Goodrum

Sadie has managed logistics for projects ranging from coding a campus art application for the Princeton University Art Museum to coordinating Princeton’s Outdoor Action program, the largest collegiate outdoor orientation program in the country. Through her studies in race and public policy, she has consulted on diversity and corporate representation. While interning with the American Antiquarian Society Sadie spearheaded efforts to increase public access to multicultural collections. She was selected by the U.S. Department of State in 2014 to promote U.S. diplomatic relations in Morocco. Sadie worked with the refugee population in Denver to facilitate cultural transitions and build bridges between communities. While at Princeton, Sadie pursued her passion for pedagogy as a student assistant for the Department of Computer Science and as a student coordinator for Cotsen Children’s Library, where she designed programs for young writers. She also served as a volunteer for the National Suicide Prevention Hotline.

Trinity Fellows 2020_Heeth Varnedoe.jpg

Heeth Varnedoe

Thomasville, GA

Washington & Lee University: Economics; Poverty and Human Capability Studies minor

Host Family: Dan & Mindy Goodall

Job Host: UVA Department of Economics, Professor Ken Elzinga

Mentor: Carlton Dixon

As a three-term member of Washington & Lee’s Executive Committee of the Student Body, Heeth spent much of his college career adjudicating the university’s honor system and administering its student government. During his junior year, he served on W&L’s Commission for Institutional History and Community—a committee tasked with assessing how the university represents its history and how that representation affects the university community. The Commission experience, as well as his involvement in the Shepherd Poverty Program, ignited his passion for justice in marginalized communities, a passion he hopes to align with his professional pursuits. Heeth has spent summers working as a counselor and director at Camp Rockmont, interning at a non-profit law firm and policy advocacy center in Atlanta, and teaching a creativity-based social entrepreneurship course in Koforidua, Ghana. He plans to pursue a career in law and public policy.

Ecclesial Worship Arts Fellow

Trinity Fellows 2020_Luan Cadahia.jpg

Luan Cadahia

Lowell, MA

Gordon College: Religion & Culture

Host Family: David & Carole Phillips

Job Host: Trinity Church and Porter’s Gate Music

Mentor: Bill Cassidy

A Portuguese-speaking Brazilian, Luan is an aspiring musician with a background in public speaking, music arrangement, and community development. He served as chair of a Boston-Metro Area youth advisory board tasked to strategize long-term plans to alleviate youth homelessness. While in this role, he participated in a coalition of community leaders from various non-profit organizations, who were tasked with tackling some of his community’s deepest challenges. While in college, he co-founded an intercultural student organization that used music to facilitate intercultural engagement on campus. Luan was selected as a Clarendon Scholar, where he received strategic training on how to impact urban communities using a multi-disciplinary approach. As a Residence Advisor at Gordon College, Luan exercised his passion for creating spaces of belonging and diversity. He has started several music organizations for youth and hopes to continue utilizing the arts to bring about social reconciliation.

Abundant Life Fellows

The Abundant Life Fellows Program is a new sister program in 2019–20 in partnership with the Trinity Fellows. When the Trinity Fellows Program started in 2003, the Trinity Fellows began serving as tutors in Abundant Life’s tutoring program. Trinity Church co-founded the Abundant Life ministry, and the two have worked in close partnership since 1996. Abundant Life Fellows provides a premier holistic community development experience in Charlottesville that will prepare young men and women with the skills and knowledge to be future leaders in this field and in their respective vocations. 

Abundant Life Fellow_Katy Correa.jpg

Katy Correa - Pittsburgh, PA

Pennsylvania State University

Abundant Life Fellow_Rachel Gaffin.jpg

Rachel Gaffin - Burke, VA

University of Virginia

Abundant Life Fellow_Jonathan Knabe.jpg

Jonathan Knabe - Berlin, Germany

University of Richmond

Abundant Life Fellow_Lynsey Meissner.jpg

Lynsey Meissner - Charlotte, NC

University of North Carolina

Abundant Life Fellow_James Gilliam.jpg

James Gilliam - Maynooth, Ireland

James Madison University