The Trinity Fellows Program has a rolling admissions policy, but applications received on or before the deadline posted below will receive priority. Our admission process is very selective and the spaces are filled on a first-come, first-served basis. A visit to Charlottesville is strongly encouraged but is not mandatory.

Because there are two types of Trinity Fellows—Marketplace and Ecclesial—applicants may specify their interest in a particular program or be considered for both. Part of our application form allows applicants to indicate their interest in a particular program. For Marketplace Fellows, we generally reserve six spaces for men and six for women. Ecclesial Fellows class sizes vary from year to year.





We will make every attempt to give applicants an answer in a timely manner, but the dates listed are merely an estimate of time from application to final notification. Please let us know if you have special circumstances and time-sensitive decisions to make that require you to receive final notification before the dates listed. Note that applications are accepted until spaces are filled. Thank you.


Completed applications should be sent to



Each Fellow is housed with a host family from the church community. Room and board are provided at no cost, and living expenses are further offset by the part-time wages the Fellows earn in their workplace assignments. Fellows are responsible for their own car and health insurance. Before entering the program, each Marketplace and Ecclesial Fellow is required to raise $6,900 for program support and is encouraged to seek financial and prayer support from family, friends, and church community. Costs meet expenses related to seminary courses, field trips, career evaluations, books/study materials, conferences, and administrative expenses. Please note that Fellows are classified as full-time students and thus may be able to defer student loans and retain dependent health insurance status. (Recent healthcare regulations allow anyone under age 26 to be covered by their parent's medical insurance, regardless of student status.)