A Week in the Life of a Fellow


Mondays are spent in a paid workplace internship, typically from 9:00am–6:00pm. Monday evening is spent building intentional and purposeful community through dinner and a roundtable discussion and a time of spiritual formation, a time to wrestle with the deeper implications of living out of a gospel-centered paradigm, typically from 6:30–10:00pm. Tuesday evenings are designated to be spent with host families, to provide a time for connecting and growing within the home. Wednesday evenings are spent in men and women's Bible studies, where Fellows grow in community with one another in deep discussion. 



Thursdays, from 9:30am–12:30pm, are spent in class studying Christian worldview. The late afternoon is spent tutoring inner-city children through Charlottesville Abundant Life Ministries, typically from 3–4:30pm at Johnson Elementary School. Later in the evening, Fellows attend a class form 6:30–8:30pm hosted jointly by the Center for Christian Study and Reformed Theological Seminary on "God and Vocation". 



Fridays and Saturdays are the Fellows' designated days off, designed to be used to "recharge and reflect." During select weekends throughout the year, Fellows will travel out of town for formational retreats and conferences, which can be found here



Sunday mornings are spent working with Trinity's Family, Student & Children's Ministries and participating in larger church worship. From 4:30–7:30pm, the Fellows help disciple and assist with the Trinity Student Ministry.