Listed below is a brief overview of the retreats and conferences that the Trinity Fellows participate in. This provides a glimpse of the many program events that Fellows have the privilege of being a part of each year.

A more detailed, day-to-day schedule is available via Google Calendar through the link below:

Orientation Week

August 22–26


Testimony Retreat

August 29 – September 2


Fellows Calling & Career Retreat: Personality Assessment, MBTI, Strength Finders



Micah 6:8 Fall Retreat and Conference on Justice and Mercy

(hosted by the Trinity Fellows since 2003) 

November 1–3


Christmas Holiday

December 14 – January 2


Silence & Fasting Retreat

January 2–5


Highlands Career Battery Testing & Debrief with Dr. Bill Fullilove

January 23–26


NYC Faith in The Arts; Faith in Business; Faith in The City; Faith in a Global City

February 19–23


Washington DC to meet with IJM and Afam-American History Museum

March 5-7


Annual Fellows Initiative National Conference (Washington D.C.)

April 24–26


Fellows End-of-Year Closure & Debrief Retreat

May 15–23