The Trinity Marketplace Fellows Program is a nine-month (September–May) leadership development and training program for young adults recently out of college or graduate school. Marketplace Fellows learn to discern how they can use their God-given faith, talents, education, influence, and resources to best steward all the gifts that have been put in their care by the Creator. They learn to better lead and serve in the local church and to have a thoughtful and faithful impact as they play their part in the "restoration of all things" in vocational pursuits in the marketplace, the academy, and the public square. We desire to equip leaders to love the local church and to play their part in the flourishing of our communities and our world.

Marketplace Fellows receive theological training, participate in seminars with Christian scholars and community leaders, and enjoy one-on-one mentoring relationships with mature Christian men and women. They apply their training as they minister in the community, work in a marketplace internship, and interact with a host family. Marketplace Fellows are embraced by the congregation of Trinity Presbyterian Church and experience the fullness of life in the local church.