Dream Big...Life is Not a Dress Rehearsal

By Peter Moore, D.D.

The Fellows Initiative has been diligently working to spread the idea of the fellows program to other churches. In the next year, our programs will double and hopefully the development of leaders who think deeply about their vocation, faith, and culture will follow. Trinity Fellows, and other friends of the program the one thing I want to say to you -- and I actually know a couple of you reasonably well -- is that you should dream great dreams. That's one of the results of Pentecost, that "their young men will see visions, and your sons and daughters will prophesy." (Acts. 2:17,18)

To me this has always been a challenge to think about what I could do in life that others couldn't. What unique contribution might I make to the world that would leave it better, and more ready for the Kingdom that is here and coming? It's led me in many strange directions, and I've started more organizations and movements than I probably should. But, the adventure of seeking where the Spirit is leading next has been exciting, and has caused me to have a better understanding of what I could do (and what I shouldn't do, too) than any other single thought. So, go ahead, and dream. Where would you like to be in 10 years? What would you like to accomplish with your life? These things ought to keep you awake at night -- at least for a while.

Peter Moore is the founder and current executive director of FOCUS, an organization devoted to seeing private school students and families come to know the grace of Christ. Peter desires for young people to think about the really big questions: God, life, death, suffering, hope, and relationships. Dr. Moore also serves on the board of the Fellows Initiative and is the former President of the Trinity Episcopal School for Ministry in Pennsylvania.