Your Life is Not Your Own

by Andrew Kean

Jesus Himself said it: “For whoever wants to save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for Me will find it” (Mat-thew 16:25). It is to us all that Jesus speaks these very words, without exception. It is with His words in mind that I write to you, Fellows. And it is with His words in mind that I hope you, Trinity Church, will eavesdrop on this farewell address.

Dear Fellows,


Just nine months ago, the 13 of you were anonymous to the majority of Trinity Church. You were simply another group of “young adults” who might be considered a hard generation of folks to understand. But between then and now, you have become members of our Family, examples to our children, servants of others, studiers of God’s Word, prayers for God’s will, thoughtful searchers, wise answerers, marketplace-faithful, community builders, eager anticipators of the King’s return. In sum, you have tasted the beautiful fruit of the Truest Paradox: through giving your lives to Jesus, you are beginning to find them. It has been at once painful and joyful, confusing and clear. Yet, through it all, with the Spirit strengthening you, you have proved faithful. Let me, on behalf of Trinity Church and Charlottesville say, “Thank you.”

Soon you will be sent out by Trinity Presbyterian Church. Out into the world, into new vocations, into new relationships, into new needs, into new dreams. Don’t look back in a wistful way; look forward, applying all that you have learned. Motivated by our King’s love for us, seek the hard places, seek the places of discomfort in others’ lives (and your own), love boldly, aim to be men and women of prayer, and above all, worship the King.

Fare well, Fellows. And remember, your life is not your own.

Grace and Peace, Andrew Kean