Welcome Trinity Fellows Class of 2018

Welcome to the Class of 2018 Trinity Fellows! We hope this blog serves to update, encourage, and inspire you through our collective stories over the course of this year. We will rotate authors monthly as we seek to share core components of our Fellows experience.

For everyone who has entered into this year in support of the Fellows, we want to greet you with a heartfelt THANK YOU! Our Fellows class has been overwhelmed by the amount of support and encouragement we have received from the extensive Fellows community. It is so clear that we have been placed into a community and mission that will last far longer than these next 9 months.

In only a month of life in Charlottesville, so much has transpired. Relationships that didn’t exist in any capacity weeks ago have become the most important aspects of our daily lives. Many people familiar with the Fellows Program have thrown around the phrase “drinking through a fire hose” as a means to explain the outpouring of wisdom and new experiences that the program offers. The kindness and hospitality we have received these past four weeks is life giving.

We are expectant and hopeful of a beautiful, transformative year alongside each other as Fellows.

“Look among the nations and see, wonder and be amazed. For I am doing a work in your day that you would not believe if told.” Habakkuk 1:5